Out of this World

My new story is ready and available for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Like the rest of my stories, it’s only $0.99 to download, and can be read on almost any device.

Out of this world cover 2

After four months in the vacuum of space, astronaut Veronica Sims has reached her wit’s end. Lonely and caught in the powerful grip of claustrophobia, she reaches out to her engineer fiancée.

Little does she know, Ted planned for this. He’s smuggled several items onto her space pod to help her cope, and soon, he’s going to make Veronica forget all about her mission.


Mr. Devil

My new story, Mr. Devil, is alive and well on Amazon.com. As always, you can download it on pretty much any device for just $.099. Sorry it took so long, but life has been crazy hectic on this end. Now, what you’ve all been waiting for…the blurb.


“She wore her beauty like a shameful burden.”

David is a big city photographer. When he sees a beautiful, black woman sitting alone on the subway, on the verge of tears, he is instantly captivated.

Genevieve is gorgeous, but reserved. Raised in a very conservative household, she’s been taught to regard beauty as a curse, and sexuality as a sin.

Can David change her mind, or is he really the devil in disguise?

Here I Am!

Yessiree-Bob, I am here. I finally finished my first short story and it is available for sale on Amazon.com. Only $0.99, yo! Check out mah blurb:

Andre is a former bartender, driven to an act of desperation.

Laura is rich and beautiful, but her entire world is crumbling around her.

Fate has set them on a collision course, and they have a common enemy. Irresistible and sexy, Laura turns to a handsome stranger for comfort. Andre is all to eager to help Laura fulfill her deepest, darkest fantasies.

I am so excited! Hopefully, this is just the first of many stories, but there’s always something special about the first. It’s not available on Nook yet (my vendor account is still being processed) but as soon as it is, I will post a link.

So excited. ^_^